Post Secondary Correctional Education Programs in Texas

Rehabilitation Programs Division - Post Secondary Education.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Rehabilitation Programs Division (RPD) offers College academic courses and vocational programs on various units throughout the State of Texas.

RPD partners with Texas community colleges and universities to provide offenders, who have Obtained a GED/High School Diploma, the opportunity to further their education by pursuing an Academic Degree and/or Technical Certificate.

The following two year community colleges and four year universities participate in the college prison program:

Student offenders may earn the following:

Student Offenders are able to earn an academic degree on the Associates, Bachelors, and Masters level. In addition, a certificate in a variety of areas may be earned to include, but not limited to:

Employment Trends

There are numerous Current and significant trends in the labor market that are crucial to gainful employment and personal success once an offender is released from TDCJ:

In Support of TDCJ's Mission

Post Secondary Education Programs Contribute to TDCJ's Mission by:

Offenders completing two years of college reflected a 10% recidivism rate (Kemp Study 2003).

The average recidivism rates in Texas were 49% (re-arrest) and 25% (re-incarceration) (LBB 2010).